Parent Testimonials
We have had children at Footprints continuously for the last 7 years and we expect our youngest will be there for another 3 years until she is ready for school. As parents, we love Footprints. More importantly, all of our children love Footprints. We believe Footprints is as close to a family environment as you can get in a nursery. There is always fun to be had and someone there with a helping hand and a cuddle if needed. Our children are all very different little people and the staff have tried really hard with each child to encourage them and help them develop into happy, confident children. All our children have gone into Footprints in the morning with a smile and come out at the end of the day with an even bigger smile. The owner, Sandra Stedeford, seems to me, to be passionate about Early Years childcare and this passion shines through Footprints. I can't imagine a better nursery than Footprints and can't recommend it highly enough.
Louise Romano November 2013

Over the last seven years, my two daughters have attended Footprints for a combined total of almost 6 years. Both of them loved attending nursery, the staff are caring and work together with the parents to ensure the children get the most out of the setting and helping them to develop. It was a great weight off my mind knowing they were happy and well cared for. Over the years we have had a number of different key workers as we moved through the nursery rooms, and all were very re-assuring helping them to settle, and also offering excellent advice when we did have struggles. The setting, the facilities, the food and the staff are all amazing, I would have no hesitation in recommending Footprints.
Mrs Goodfellow November 2013

Both my daughter and son have attended Footprints from about 4 months of age. At such a young age, you are so protective of someone else looking after your children, but I have to say that the staff at Footprints are amazing. My children were both settled with their key worker and the rest of the staff at the nursery straight away and they are both developing into well rounded, caring and above all very happy children. My daughter in particular, was diagnosed with having hip dysplasia at 4 1/2 months old and despite being in a cast from her waist downwards, the nursery were so willing to adapt their care to ensure she was fully supported during what was a very difficult time for us as parents. I honestly don't believe we could have done a better job ourselves. In summary, I believe the nursery has been a true asset to the development and confidence building in my children and the staff are an absolute credit to Footprints.
Ms Bird November 2013

We have two daughters who have gone through Footprints Montessori Day Nursery from aged 6 months to school. Both attended 3 full days a week. Our little ones couldn't have been more prepared to integrate in to school life, the confidence instilled in them from home and nursery meant they were confident socially and ready to learn. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this nurturing and loving environment to any parent. The staff are caring and consistent in their routines which rubs off in a very positive way.
Mrs Farquharson November 2013

My daughter has been at Footprints since she was 21 months old. I moved her there from a different nursery and within a week saw how well she settled into her new environment. She has thrived at Footprints and has thoroughly enjoyed her time there. She is a confident and secure little girl, achieved largely by the supportive and nurturing environment that she has grown up in…….I was so confident in the nursery and the capabilities of the staff that I felt entirely confident putting my then 10 month old son in nursery. He thoroughly enjoys nursery and has a wonderful and loving rapport with his carers. I could not have expected better care for my children.

My daughter is at Footprints nursery and has been for over 2 years. During this time I have watched her grow and mature into a happy, confident girl who is ready for school. Footprints is a very welcoming and friendly environment. The staff have a smile on their face, no matter what time of day you are there. The consistency of staff means that they know your child well and you always know who will be caring for your child…….. It amazes me the variety of skills that my daughter has achieved - learning to ride a bike, learning the basics of reading, how to create a grass slide, downward dog in yoga to name but a few! When choosing Footprints I looked at many nurseries having had a bad experience previously. I honestly believe that Footprints is a unique place providing excellent care for young children. I would have no hesitation recommending it to anyone.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your help and support with both my children. I know they both enjoy Footprints a great deal and have both developed enormously during their time there. We thoroughly appreciate the care and provision that you provide and the focus on each and every individual. As a nursery and as individuals you go above and beyond what most expect from childcare and that makes Footprints a very special place and one which we do not want our children to leave. We know we have found somewhere special for the start of our children's educational careers.

Both my children have been at Footprints since they were 6 months old, my daughter being the very first child to attend the nursery when it opened in March 2005. As a working mother, I can go to work knowing they have a level of care second to none. The tranquil, rural setting, the enthusiastic and friendly staff makes Footprints the ideal environment for children to thrive and develop. My children eat well, sleep well and I have complete peace of mind knowing they are being cared for in a loving and fun environment. I can't recommend Footprints highly enough.