Food and Nutrition
At Footprints, we recognize that adequate and nutritious food and drink are essential for children’s wellbeing and offer a balanced, healthy, nutritional range of food that your child will enjoy. Wherever possible, we use local or organic produce and all meals are freshly prepared and cooked on the premises by our qualified and highly experienced cook.

The children are offered breakfast, lunch, and tea at the Nursery with a snack mid-morning. We try to make the whole approach to food a very positive experience and the children look forward to mealtimes as a social event. Where possible, staff eat with the children and join in the social setting of sitting around the table.

Your child’s five-a-day requirements are always met and usually exceeded, as we offer as much fresh fruit and vegetables as possible in the menus. We also grow some fruit and salad in our garden, so that children begin to understand where their food comes from. Special attention is paid to dietary needs on religious and health grounds and a daily menu is available in reception for parents’ information. Children are offered only milk or water to drink as we think this is better for their teeth and general health and fresh drinking water is available to them at all times.

As an example of the sorts of food that our children eat at nursery, please see MENU AUTUMN 2016.docx